The Third Annual Artbox Pop-Up Party

Invites you to join as a featured artist

The show is about bringing art culture to Toronto. The goal is to create more exposure & opportunities for emerging local artists in a fun environment. 

Requirements to Confirm Entry: 

1. Email Your Art to Artboxto@gmail.com
Include 3-5 pieces to submit to the show
Paintings, sculptures & photography can be submitted. 
When submitted art, please include;
Size (");
Price of each piece

2. Click the link at the bottom of the page to join or
Email the $20 Art Display Fee to Artboxto@gmail.com
fee includes;
Art display with labels
4:00pm Early Entry | 7:00pm Entry for guests
Art exposure
Social media features on @artboxevents and artboxltp.com
Promo Code for guests of artists "ARTBOXFRIENDS&FAM"

3. Physical Art Submissions

Once approved, art is to be submitted physically for show & sale.
Pickups can be arranged
Submission deadline is August 18th, 2019
Spot will be secured requirements 1 & 2 are confirmed. 

Please note:
There are limited spots
There is a 20% deduction of art sales made through Artbox Events 

Live Painting/Drawing

This is optional but an amazing experience nonetheless

30 minutes will be given to artists to create a live painting or drawing. Artists can go multiple rounds. Supplies will be provided. There will be a raffle draw for guests to win the live paintings. 
Please contact Natasha Fernandes with any questions you may have.
This is a private page for invited artists only. Submission fee will be returned if you are not selected for the show.